The times they are a-changin’

Although we are and always have been the Pa. Highway Information Association, we tend to take a broad view of transportation, thinking of it as a single, integrated, multi-modal system of mobility. This month, Governing Magazine… [read more]

The times they are a-changin’ The times they are a-changin’

Driverless technology advances in Pennsylvania

While engineers and auto manufacturers continue to work on driverless technology, Pennsylvania is beginning work on the regulations that will guide this fledgling industry. PennDOT assembled an Autonomous Vehicles Testing Policy… [read more]

Driverless technology advances in Pennsylvania Driverless technology advances in Pennsylvania

‘Free’ police coverage has a high price tag

In the last few weeks, editorials and op-ed articles have appeared in newspapers around the state in reaction to the Associated Press story about “free” state police coverage. The AP noted that nearly half of Pennsylvania’s… [read more]

‘Free’ police coverage has a high price tag ‘Free’ police coverage has a high price tag



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 2, No. 4

January 24, 2017 -- Leave a Comment

PDSITELOGO2Delaware River turnpike bridge between Pa., N.J. will be closed at least 2 weeks

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s preliminary evaluation of a fracture discovered Friday on the bridge that carries Interstate 276 over the Delaware River has determined the need for a continued closure for an indefinite period of time.

Construction is now taking place to stabilize the bridge while engineers engage in a more comprehensive assessment and structural analysis necessary to determine a permanent repair plan, according to a press release.

Pittsburgh, Penn State chosen as national autonomous vehicle testing sites

Expect to see even more autonomous vehicles driving around Pennsylvania in the coming months. The federal Department of Transportation accepted PennDOT’s request to make Pennsylvania a National Proving Ground — testing site — for Autonomous Vehicle Technologies on January 19, one month after PennDOT submitted their application.

According to a press release, the DOT chose the 10 sites out of 60 applicants based on each site’s ability to manage various roadway states, safety conditions and types of vehicles.

Feds give Pa. an extension on identity card security upgrades

Thanks to an extension granted by the federal Department of Homeland Security, Pennsylvania has been given until early June to show compliance with “REAL ID” security upgrades.

The extension forestalls – to the great good fortune of event planners, delivery truck drivers and anyone else headed for federal offices, courthouses or military bases – the federal government’s refusal to recognize Pennsylvania driver’s licenses as a valid form of identification. Read more

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Calculating the Oil Company Franchise Tax **NEW**

January 17, 2017 -- Leave a Comment

State Law requires the Oil Company Franchise Tax (OCFT) to be calculated and certified annually by the state Department of Revenue.The rate is determined annually by the department and announced by each December 15 for the following calendar year. The tax rate is determined on a “cents per gallon equivalent basis,” which is defined in law.As of November 25, 2013, the law changed to eliminate the inflationary cap on the OCFT and the fixed 12¢ per gallon retail fuel tax. Read more

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Understanding Fuel Taxes in Pennsylvania **NEW**

January 17, 2017 -- Leave a Comment

Prior to January 1, 2014, Pennsylvania had a “two-tier system” for the assessment of fuel taxes. This system was originally designed in 1981 with the establishment of the Oil Company Franchise Tax (OCFT) in addition to the Flat Tax on fuel.  The flat tax portion was repealed via Act 89 of 2013 and the entire taxing structure was shifted to the OCFT.  Read more