PHIA Co-Hosts Chairmen’s Breakfast

Partnering with ACEC/PA, PHIA this week hosted a breakfast with the chairmen of both the House and Senate Transportation committees. Senators John Rafferty and John Wozniak returned to their posts on the Senate side. The House… [read more]

PHIA Co-Hosts Chairmen’s Breakfast PHIA Co-Hosts Chairmen’s Breakfast

APC to seek work zone safety solution

It probably comes as no surprise that speeding through work zones is the top safety concern among highway construction workers. Add to that the increased speed limits on the Turnpike and on sections of some Interstate Highways,… [read more]

APC to seek work zone safety solution APC to seek work zone safety solution



PennDOT lets $138 million in projects in February

March 4, 2015 -- Leave a Comment

NEW_PENNDOTPennDOT continued its strong, post-Act 89 momentum by letting over $138 million in projects let during February.  Last year, PennDOT ended the year with $2.6 billion in lettings, the highest since 2009 when the program was boosted by the one-time economic stimulus package.  PennDOT exceeded its initial 2014 estimate of $2.2 billion and it was reported earlier that PennDOT’s 2015 anticipated lettings will again be $2.6 billion.

At the end of 2013, PennDOT only bid $1.638 billion in lettings. Act 89 enabled PennDOT to put nearly a $1 billion more projects on the street in 2014 than it was able to do in 2013.

With the recent enactment of the transportation funding bill there is reason to see this trend continue well past 2015. Act 89, which will implement a $2.3 billion comprehensive transportation funding plan over the next five years, will result in PennDOT exceeding the $2 billion construction lettings mark for years to come. Read more


PHIA News Digest – Vol. 13

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PHIA_LOGOIntermodal Incentive Program announced to encourage container activity at the Port of Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) is pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is now inviting shipping lines to participate in its new Intermodal Cargo Growth Incentive Program, which aims to increase cargo activity at the Port of Philadelphia. The program will offer a per-container financial incentive to current ocean carriers utilizing the Port. The program, recently announced by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, is effective immediately.

County Airport gets $2.9 million state grant
With a local match of 25 percent, the grant will be used to fully reconstruct the 3-acre lot in front of the terminal and the sidewalks. Design of the project will begin soon with the bulk of the construction occurring in 2015

State Transportation Performance Outlined in Updated Report
PennDOT officials last week announced that Pennsylvanians can view ratings of the state’s efforts in transportation safety, mobility, system preservation and accountability in the updated Transportation Performance Report.

Pennsylvania bills permit local police to use speed radar; limit lane use
Two Pennsylvania state lawmakers are bringing back bills to allow local police to use speed radar. Pennsylvania is the only state in the country that prohibits municipal police from enforcing speed limits with radar. Since 1961, only state troopers are allowed to use radar.

Transportation industry a boost for Cumberland County
The job market in Cumberland County is expected to expand by about 3 percent in 2015, due to strong growth in the health care and transportation industries.

The county’s job market did remain stable through the recession, with credit given to the county’s diverse government, manufacturing and warehousing entities. The area benefits from one of the lowest jobless rates in the state.



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 12

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PHIA_LOGOPennDOT waives limits on haulers of heating oil, propane
PennDOT said Tuesday it temporarily waived federal restrictions on how much time commercial drivers hauling heating oil and propane gas can be on the road without a break.

Pa. Senate committee OKs Transit Revitalization Act amendments
The proposed legislation intends to streamline the TRID process, simplify complicated areas of the current legislation and create an incentive for increased privatized development. It also establishes a funding mechanism to reinvest tax money to improve a transportation district.

5 things to know about a new report on Pennsylvania’s roads, bridges and transportation system
The 2015 Transportation Performance Report was released Thursday and demonstrates using a color-coded rating system what areas of transportation are improving, holding steady and declining. The report, developed by a 15-person commission, reviewed issues with safety, mobility, preservation, accountability and funding.

Funding was much-needed
Act 89, Pennsylvania’s transportation bill that was signed into law in 2013 by Gov. Tom Corbett, may have addressed what is a nationwide problem.

Pennsylvania Flush With Cash For Transportation Projects
While other states struggle to pay the upkeep on their highway systems, Pennsylvania is implementing a multifaceted, multibillion-dollar blueprint designed to accelerate road and bridge projects, improve mass transit systems and increase subsidies to local governments.

Amtrak could shorten its 5-hour Harrisburg-Pittsburgh route, but is it worth $38.3 billion?
It is feasible for Amtrak to reduce travel time and increase the frequency of trips on Keystone West, their route from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh, according to a recent study.

But shortening the trek between the Capital City and the City of Bridges would be costly, with the low-end estimate at $1.5 billion and the high-end at $38.3 billion. And that would only shave five minutes at least and half an hour at the most off the entire train ride.




PHIA News Digest – Vol. 11

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PHIA_LOGODriver’s Seat: A drive in the faster lanes on the Pa. Turnpike
The higher speed limit came in conjunction with the rebuilding of the turnpike, DeFebo said. It has been widened from four to six lanes and reconstructed in many areas of the higher speed limits. More than 100 miles have been rebuilt.


Pennsylvania DOT to begin accepting applications for new intermodal incentive program
Established through PennDOT’s Multimodal Transportation Fund, the program commits up to $1 million annually for five years to provide ocean carriers $25 per container lift above their previously reported lift totals. The transportation fund includes dedicated budget categories for freight-rail, port, aviation and bicycle-pedestrian projects.

Mass transit riders breaking laws of motion
The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority last year instituted a “Dude, It’s Rude” campaign on the theory that direct messages with some humor are most likely to get people’s attention. Its slogans include “Two seats? Really?” and “Watch Your Language.”

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek Ignition Interlocks For First Time DUI Offenders
State lawmakers believe they are close to enacting legislation that would require ignition interlock systems for some first-time offenders convicted of driving under the influence.


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Calculating the Oil Company Franchise Tax **NEW**

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State Law requires the Oil Company Franchise Tax (OCFT) to be calculated and certified annually by the state Department of Revenue.The rate is determined annually by the department and announced by each December 15 for the following calendar year. The tax rate is determined on a “cents per gallon equivalent basis,” which is defined in law.As of November 25, 2013, the law changed to eliminate the inflationary cap on the OCFT and the fixed 12¢ per gallon retail fuel tax. Read more