Majority of Pa. Residents Willing to Pay for Improved Roads

November 11, 2009

Seven in 10 Pennsylvanians say they are willing to pay more for safer, less-congested highways, according to new public opinion research commissioned by the Transportation Construction Industries coalition.

The poll, directed by Terry Madonna Opinion Research, shows increasing support for addressing the state’s highway funding needs.  Additionally, more than three-quarters of those surveyed said investing in highways would help the economy recover, and nearly nine in 10 agreed that relieving congestion would improve public safety.

“The findings suggest that the public views highway funding as an investment rather than simply a cost,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner.  “They also refute the idea that people want better roads but aren’t willing to pay for them.”

The data showed that 58 percent of respondents are willing to pay at least an additional $10 per month, increasing to 70 percent when the number is lowered to $5 per month.

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