PHIA embraces social media to begin its second 50 years

February 18, 2010

The Pennsylvania Highway Information Association was established 50 years ago to fulfill the vision of the late W. Guy Gunn as a mechanism for easing Pennsylvania’s transition to a state with a modern highway infrastructure.

Once the Interstate Highway System was built and transition was complete, PHIA remained relevant as a resource for — as our name implies — highway information.

Now, as much as ever, the need to provide education and information about our highway system is in high demand. Funding problems persist, political leadership languishes and, ultimately, our highway system continues to crumble, and it’s the communication infrastructure that is transforming America.

To step up our efforts to be a resource for highway information, PHIA today unveils a new web site designed to harness elements of the social media and meet our audience in their comfort zone — at our web site, on Twitter, on Facebook, and via e-mail.

Our new site not only strives to provide useful content to highway users, but to facilitate discussion of highway issues. We hope you will not only visit our site regularly, but also connect with us on Twitter and Facebook, and accept our invitation to weigh in with your comments.

Please visit the site, bookmark it, subscribe to RSS feeds or e-mail notifications, and tell us what you think. We maybe turning 50, but we’re feeling like a kid again.

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