Democrat candidates express their views on transportation funding

May 12, 2010

This is the third and final installment on the views of various gubernatorial candidates regarding transportation funding.  The first installment featured Joe Hoeffel, whose position on transportation funding closely mirrors the vision of the construction industry.  Today we look at the remaining Democratic candidates. 

Among candidates of both parties, Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel has come closest to adopting the industry’s vision and asserts that the state should double the revenue devoted to transportation funding (see PHIA story here).  Hoeffel’s plan would include adequate resources for maintaining the existing transportation system and would also allow for expansion that would relieve congestion and improve public safety.  His platform includes provisions for public transit, airports and passenger and freight rail.

In comparison with the other candidates, Hoeffel is much more specific about funding sources, mentioning registration fees, the gas tax, tolling and conversion to miles-traveled fees.  For more detail about his proposed transportation program, click here.

Dan Onorato, Allegheny County executive, acknowledges that Pennsylvania’s economy depends on a strong infrastructure and that the needs are far greater than the resources available to meet them.  However, he does not provide specifics regarding the level of spending or revenue sources, saying only that he “will improve Pennsylvania’s infrastructure by ensuring adequate state funding, being an advocate for greater federal funding and pursuing public-private partnerships and other innovative funding approaches.”

Onorato does not have a dedicated transportation policy page, but you can visit his web site.

Auditor General Jack Wagner calls infrastructure a “top priority for the next governor.” He details its current deficiencies and offers a vision that includes high-speed rail, modernized roads and bridges and improved public transit, but he provides no specifics on the level of funding or the sources for it. 

Details of his position on transportation other issues are available here.

State Sen. Anthony Williams does not address transportation among the topics on which he has expressed a position, although he includes support for public transportation as part of his position on environmental issues.

For information about his positions, click here.

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