Rendell: Funding solution can’t wait any longer

July 22, 2010

Governor Rendell testified before the Senate Transportation Committee this week, urging the General Assembly to work to meet road, bridge and transit funding challenges this year.  The Governor said that with a little hard work this summer, legislative leaders can solve Pennsylvania’s transportation funding problem. 

The Governor was direct in his comments, stating, “How long are we going to wait?  Are we going to put it over to next year or maybe four years from now because it’s inconvenient, because it’s difficult to raise revenues? I think we’re here to do the right thing, and we need to move and we need to move now.” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

Rendell told the committee, “One in five bridges in the state is considered structurally deficient.  And, if we lined up all the miles of Pennsylvania roadways in need of repair, they would stretch across the entire country three times.”

Rendell also threw his support behind a comprehensive vision which he said was the best strategy to identify the resources necessary to address the entire transportation funding gap of $3 billion.  “I am not willing to let this issue be ignored,” he told the committee.

During the hearing, the Governor announced an interactive map established by PennDOT showing many of the road and bridge projects lacking appropriate funding.  To view the map, click here

PHIA has been committed in advocating for a comprehensive solution and will remain steadfast in doing so.

To view the Harrisburg Patriot News article on the Senate hearing, click here.

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