I-81 series a must-read for transportation issue aficionados

January 21, 2011

This week, the Chambersburg Public Opinion, Carlisle Sentinel and Lebanon Daily News published an ambitious four-part series titled “Interstate 81: Troubled Highway.”   The fall semester journalism class at Shippensburg University also contributed to the project.

The series, published simultaneously by the three newspapers in print and online, examined the ways I-81 has re-shaped the smaller communities along its path, both as an economic lifeline and a challenge to public safety. The series also noted that the highway’s continued viability is increasingly at risk due to little funding or public commitment to its future.

PHIA commends those involved for this insightful journalistic endeavor. We provide the links below and recommend the series as a must-read for those who follow transportation issues.

Part 1: click here
Part 2: click here
Part 3: click here
Part 4: click here
I-81 timeline: click here
Public Opinion editorial: click here.

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