News launches public engagement effort

February 17, 2011

PHIA is pleased to join Associated Pennsylvania Constructors and a myriad of other organizations representing transportation interests in a venture called

The site is a tool for reaching out and engaging the public in seeking solutions to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding problems. The home page of the web site contains an interactive map of Pennsylvania, on which anyone can post a suggestion for improving the transportation system or identify a transportation-related problem.

Visitors to the site may also “vote” for a particular project if they, too, would like the project to proceed or the problem to be fixed. The site is linked to Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, and in the short time the feature has been active, dozens of projects and problems have been posted.

Given the high level of understanding and awareness among PHIA members when it comes to transportation issues, we encourage you to visit the site, post suggested improvements and sign up for periodic updates ( will not share your e-mail address with anyone else). If you have a Facebook account, we hope you’ll visit the ReConnectPA Facebook page at and “like” the page.

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