Industry remains optimistic about funding solutions

March 16, 2011

Although Governor Corbett did not mention transportation funding in his budget address last week, the construction industry continues to be optimistic about the opportunity to begin addressing that issue this year.

Barry Schoch was unanimously recommended by the Senate Transportation Committee to serve as PennDOT secretary. He will continue as acting secretary until confirmation by the full Senate, which is expected next month.

During the hearing, Schoch reiterated that transportation funding remains a priority of the administration, and he will be working to develop a plan to address the problem. Moreover, job creation was one of the central themes of the governor’s budget address.

And finally, Budget Secretary Charles Zogby recently acknowledged that transportation infrastructure constitutes the Commonwealth’s “critical arteries.” Although noting that the administration continues to wrestle with the question of how to fund it, he said it is likely a transportation funding task force will be named in the next several weeks.

“We are hopeful that the necessary political forces are lining up to address the funding issue,” said APC Executive Vice President Robert Latham. “A lot of people from all walks of life have been contacting elected officials expressing support for solving the problem.”

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