Initial reaction to funding plan: thumbs up

July 22, 2011

Governor Corbett’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission will present the governor with its recommendations on Aug. 1, but the initial reaction among newspapers around the state has been very positive so far.

The Philadelphia Inquirer (click here), Harrisburg Patriot-News (click here), and Scranton Times-Tribune (click here) quickly and enthusiastically endorsed the commission’s recommendations and urged Corbett to get behind them.  Adoption of the funding plan will require action by the General Assembly, as well as the governor’s support.

The recommendations would eventually raise an additional $2.7 billion per year, at a weekly cost to a typical motorist of only 70 cents the first year and about $2.50 the third year – less than the cost of a gallon of gas per week, as noted by PennDOT Secretary/Commission Chair Barry Schoch.

Details regarding the commission’s meetings, including funding scenarios, are available at

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  1. David Leinbach
    August 11, 2011 at 3:14 pm
  2. More taxes and more broken promises. Remember the other increase on gasoline tax that would all go to road infrasture? Remember that it was to be sunshined after 3 years? Oh and remember how Rendall hijacked a large sum for public transit? Lies and liars; that who our elected officials are.

    We CANNOT afford anymore taxes in any shape or form. We need the governement downsized and the programs downsized. Yes government is responsible for our infrastructure; so do that and get rid of programs that the government has no business doing. Prevailing Wage; Multi-Prime, State Stores, Funding research for desiel made from algea; etc…, etc…