Funding initiative gears up

March 21, 2013

20121116-163529.jpgMany E-Motion readers are aware that transportation funding legislation is expected to be introduced in the General Assembly in the coming weeks. The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition, headed by George Wolff, is leading the legislative and public outreach efforts.

The Coalition is a broad-based group of organizations united behind a comprehensive, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its members include representatives from business, organized labor, agriculture, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, travel and tourism, local governments, AARP, health care, air and sea ports, freight and passenger rail, environmentalists, land-use advocates and trucking. Several PHIA members are active in the Coalition. Read more


Gridlock in Washington Affects Our Nation’s Economy

March 11, 2013



PennDOT’s February Lettings: $98 Million

March 5, 2013

NEW_PENNDOTThe state Department of Transportation (PennDOT) bid slightly over $98.6 million in projects in February bringing the year-to-date total to $161.2 million.  PennDOT finished the 2012 calendar year with $1.973 billion in lettings. PennDOT’s 2013 letting program forecast is $1.7 billion.  Click here to view a chart of the PennDOT letting history since 1994.

To view the full February letting report and year comparisons, click the link below.

*The report lists the total contracts awarded at each letting date, a comparison to the same period in the previous calendar year, and letting adjustments made since the previous month. PHIA staff will track PennDOT lettings throughout the year and provide monthly update.