Funding initiative gears up

March 21, 2013

20121116-163529.jpgMany E-Motion readers are aware that transportation funding legislation is expected to be introduced in the General Assembly in the coming weeks. The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition, headed by George Wolff, is leading the legislative and public outreach efforts.

The Coalition is a broad-based group of organizations united behind a comprehensive, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its members include representatives from business, organized labor, agriculture, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, travel and tourism, local governments, AARP, health care, air and sea ports, freight and passenger rail, environmentalists, land-use advocates and trucking. Several PHIA members are active in the Coalition.

This week, the Pennsylvania Cable Network began running a new 30-second TV spot during its weekday prime-time programs. The spot encourages viewers to show their support for the funding issue by sending an email letter to their state senators and representatives by going to

The site was used earlier for an online petition and gathered more than 12,000 names. It automatically generates letters to the appropriate legislators based on the sender’s address.

The website will be one of several tools for demonstrating broad support for the funding issue, along with legislative visits, letters to the editor, op-ed articles and TV and radio appearances. PHIA members and E-Motion readers are welcome to visit the site to send a letter, and please pass the word.

To view the TV spot, click here.


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