Scranton region listed as one of 20 worst in U.S. for road conditions

October 3, 2013

Pennsylvania made another Top 20 list this week, but not in a good way. The Scranton urban area ranks 17th among mid-size U.S. cities in terms of the percentage of roads in poor condition, according to TRIP, a national transportation research organization.

TRIP said 32 percent of the roads in the Scranton area are in poor condition, costing drivers an extra $539 per year in additional vehicle operating expenses.

“Driving on rough roads is more than just a nuisance for drivers,” said PHIA President Tom Lawson. “The deterioration of our transportation system impedes economic growth and robs drivers of hundreds of dollars each year. Without a significant boost in transportation funding at the federal, state and local level, conditions will continue to deteriorate, drivers will continue to pay the price, and our economy will suffer.”

TRIP said pavement conditions are likely to worsen under current state and federal funding. Through 2032, the U.S. faces a $156 billion shortfall in the amount needed to maintain roadways in their current condition, a $374 billion shortfall to make modest improvements in pavement conditions and a $670 billion shortfall to make significant improvements to roadway conditions.

“The TRIP report is just one more data point corroborating the need to address transportation funding needs, in Pennsylvania and across the country,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “Given Pennsylvania’s number of highway miles and bridges coupled with our climate, it’s inevitable that more regions of Pennsylvania will join this Top 20 list if legislators fail to address the funding issue this fall.”

To view the complete TRIP report, click here.


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