PHIA President Lawson testifies to Act 89 benefits

September 26, 2014

ACT89ABSTRACTsquareA community that “feels good about itself” is more likely to attract good employers, and a good transportation system can help in conveying that type of positive image.

That observation was among the views that PHIA President Tom Lawson shared with members of the Senate Transportation Committee recently during a hearing on the benefits of Act 89, the transportation funding measure approved last year.

Lawson said a community’s image is one of the intangibles regarding site selection that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

“The condition of our roads says something about who we are as a region and state,” Lawson said. “If we care enough to keep our homes in good repair, then the same should hold true for our roads that we drive on almost every day of the week. The same can be said for our transit systems, airports, etc.”

He said Act 89, which eventually will generate an additional $2.3 billion per year for transportation, will help communities keep and expand job opportunities in Pennsylvania, and attract the attention of prospective employers scouting new work sites.


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