PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6

January 12, 2015

PHIA_LOGOTolls have increased on the PA Turnpike
PA Turnpike Spokesperson, Carl DeFebo says, “It helps to pay for the operation and maintenance and capital improvements of our turnpike system but it also helps to finance transportation throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” Even with the 5-percent increase, EZ Pass customers continue to save as much as 35-percent compared to cash paying customers.

Yudichak wants economic stimulus programs expanded
Looking back, Yudichak said the piece of legislation from the 2013-2014 session that will have a lasting impact on life in Pennsylvania is the transportation bill.

“The transportation bill is the significant achievement of the Corbett administration,” Yudichak said. “This will be a lasting legacy — it was a bipartisan effort to invest in job creation in Pennsylvania. Everyone is for Pennsylvania residents to make a living wage.”

Behind the Headlines February 2, 2015 Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy
Bob Latham of the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors discusses transportation improvements in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s newest House members pledge focus on transit
The two newest members of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation are pledging their attention to issues such as upgrading the state’s roads, bridges and rail service and improving health care at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs facility.

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