PHIA News Digest – Vol. 22

May 4, 2015

PDSITELOGOU.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx Discusses Future of Transportation at Carnegie Melon (VIDEO)

GOP spending bill targets Obama’s Cuba moves
House Republicans rolled out a $55.3 billion transportation and housing bill Tuesday which is lean on spending but fatter on policy riders including new provisions challenging President Barack Obama’s efforts to open up more channels between the U.S. and Cuba.

Restrictions would be imposed on the Transportation Department and Federal Maritime Administration to block the licensing of new air flights and cruise ship routes to Cuba if the landing fields or docks include property that had been confiscated at one point by the Castro government.

People still texting, wearing earphones while they drive, state statistics show
As plugged in as people are nowadays, many still are not getting the message that it’s illegal to wear earphones or to text while driving.

Since 2012, the incidence of citations for wearing ear buds or headphones while driving has risen by about 28 percent, from 523 in 2012 to 711 last year.

GOP chairman: Highway funding likely to remain flat
The chairman of the House Transportation Committee said Tuesday that lawmakers are unlikely to approve an increase in the nation’s infrastructure spending in an extension of a federal transportation funding bill that is expiring next month.

Transportation advocates have pushed Congress to increase the approximately $50 billion per year it spends on infrastructure projects as it considers an extension of surface transportation bill that is currently scheduled to expire on May 31.

Disabled still face many transportation barriers
While progress in improving transportation for people with disabilities has been evident in the past decade, persistent barriers remain, the National Council on Disability reported Friday.

“Much has happened in the last decade. More people with disabilities are riding public transit than ever before and yet, in many areas, significant barriers to ground transportation for Americans with disabilities remain pervasive,” said chairman Jeff Rosen in a statement.



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