PHIA News Digest – Vol. 67

March 21, 2016

PDSITELOGO2PennDOT, PA police clash over infrastructure funds
“If this keeps going, we’re going to have trouble fixing potholes, let alone bridges,” House Transportation Committee Chairman John Taylor told the AP. The state police already uses $500 million a year in highway funds, and PennDOT projects the agency will need another $400 million per year after the next decade.

SEPTA, state look to partner with ride sharing
While the Philadelphia Parking Authority, the state legislature and ride hailing companies like UberX and Lyft hash out an arrangement to regulate their services in Philadelphia, the service is quietly becoming more and more engrained in how people get from one place to another.

The latest evidence of that is SEPTA’s study, initiated Wednesday, to determine how partnering with ride sharing companies could affect SEPTA, said Jeff Knueppel, SEPTA’s general manager.

Pennsylvania Turnpike speed limit rising to 70 mph
Motorists will soon be able to legally drive a little faster on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has approved raising the speed limit to 70 mph on the statewide toll road.

When the change goes into effect later this spring, the speed limit on most of the toll road will be increased from the current 65 mph.


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