TRIP unveils report at Pittsburgh event

August 25, 2016

20160823_111016_resized (002)Earlier this week, TRIP released a report in Pittsburgh showing the major role that the Mon-Fayette Expressway expansion would have on the economic development of the entire region.

TRIP is a national organization that conducts transportation research with sponsorship from many different industry groups.

The report, Extending the Mon-Fayette Expressway and Busway East (E/BEE)” Reducing Traffic Congestion, Enhancing Economic Vitality, Improving Public Safety, and Accommodating Desirable Development in the Mon Valley in the Pittsburgh Area, looks at the impact to the Mon Valley region of a 13-mile extension of the expressway as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. Busway East. The cost is estimated at $1.7 billion, but would drastically improve access and mobility to the area.

TRIPSMALLTRIP’s analysis projects major decreases in travel time on the expressway. Current travel from the Monroeville Convention Center to East Pittsburgh takes 20 minutes, but with the extension would take only seven. Along with the decrease in travel times, the construction is expected to bring several thousand jobs. The Mon-Fayette expansion should bring 5,525 jobs over four years; the busway extension is estimated at 325 jobs in the same period.

Following completion of these projects, TRIP anticipates the creation of 20,880 long-term jobs, allowing for economic and social recovery in the region. A study of local employers showed that 75 of business would expect to use the new road, and 25 percent would plan to hire new employees when it is built.

“Investment in transportation is directly correlated to the economic health and growth of any region,” PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner, who attended the Pittsburgh unveiling of the report, said. “The Mon Valley is overdue for infrastructure improvements that will improve the quality of life and convenience for its residents.”


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