PennDOT announces more projects funded by PA’s Multimodel Fund

October 19, 2016

ACT89ABSTRACTLast week, Governor Tom Wolf and Department of Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards announced transportation projects all over the state that would be funded using money from the Multimodal Transportation Fund.

The list of projects include 37 highways, bridges, bikes and pedestrian paths; these improvements total $40 million. The projects are regionally diverse, and include more than $3 million for road improvements in Carlisle; $4.6 million to Philadelphia for roadway improvements, as well as the creation of bike and pedestrian paths near local elementary schools; and millions to the rest of the state.

The Multimodal Fund was created by Act 89, the comprehensive, multi-modal funding legislation of 2013. This bill created dedicated streams of funding for transportation improvements, an investment of $2.4 billion by the state. Funds are generated by the elimination of the flat gas tax, and uncapping the wholesale oil franchise tax.

“The multi-modal projects that will be funded this year are a testament to the necessity and success of Act 89,” PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner said. “These improvements are critical to improving the safety and experience of Pennsylvanians, whether they travel by foot, bike, car, train or plane.”


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