PHIA News Digest – Vol. 2, No. 12

March 20, 2017

PDSITELOGO2PennDOT begins two-year, $87.9 million Parkway North project

Traffic disruptions begin Monday for about 53,000 motorists who use inbound Interstate 279/Parkway North as road crews prepare for a two-year, $87.9 million project to upgrade the highway between Camp Horne Road and the North Side.

Pennsylvania Turnpike removing E-ZPass feedback signals

Those traffic lights that tell you whether your E-ZPass was read properly at Pennsylvania Turnpike toll booths are going away. The turnpike commission on Friday started removing the red, yellow, and green feedback signal lights because they are now prohibited by federal guidelines.

PA Debates Proposed Per Resident Fee for Small Towns Without Police Forces

If a measure pushed by Governor Tom Wolf, as well as some state lawmakers becomes law, small towns without dedicated police forces would be charged for the use of Pennsylvania State Police. The chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee, State Representative Mike Sturla of Lancaster, said about 80 percent of taxpayers in the Commonwealth pay for local police forces.

Berks could double its resources for bridge work

Berks County may get a lot more bang than expected from its recently enacted $5 vehicle registration fee. PennDOT plans to match the money counties that enacted the fee spend on bridge projects up to $2 million a year, local transportation planners learned Thursday.

Berks expects to generate $1.3 million to $1.9 million annually through the fee, which is tacked onto state charges when a vehicle is registered. So, with the matching aid from the state, the county could double how much bridge work the fee revenue can buy.

Wolf administration outlines biking improvements for 150 miles of Route 6

As part of its effort to improve bicycle safety, accessibility, and connectivity along Route 6, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has completed a report outlining enhancements for the route’s 150 miles from the Ohio border to the McKean/Potter county line, as well as Route 6N in Erie County.

Philly port is poised to get new cranes, bigger ships, more cargo, and more jobs

The Port of Philadelphia is getting its first major capital investment in four decades for terminals, wharfs, and cargo cranes, with a $300 million cash infusion from the Wolf administration. The state is landlord and owner of 16 piers and terminals on the Delaware River.

Advocates are still pushing for more trains from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg

State Sen. Randy Vulakovich, a Republican who represents part of Pittsburgh, plans to introduce a resolution that would direct the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study the cost of infrastructure improvements needed to make two additional daily trips in each direction possible.

Trump’s budget and what it could mean for transportation in Pa.

President Donald Trump’s budget proposal calls for trimming some $2.4 billion from the federal Department of Transportation’s $18.6 billion budget.

How those cuts would trickle down and affect travelers in Pennsylvania remains to be seen, but an initial review shows cuts will affect smaller regional airports, long distance train travel and infrastructure grant funding. It would also outsource the air traffic controller system to a non-governmental organization.

New law means drivers could soon pay up for unpaid tolls

The new law goes into effect August 4th and it allows the Turnpike to put a lien against the registration of a vehicle that either has six toll violations or owes the turnpike more than $500.

Which means the driver wouldn’t be able to re-register to sell the vehicle without paying the bills.


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