PHIA News Digest – Vol. 3, No. 11

March 12, 2018

The goal of seamless urban mobility

We won’t Uber our way out of traffic congestion. What’s needed is a system to integrate all transportation options.

There’s a smart way to pay for infrastructure. Trump can tell Congress how

President Donald Trump ran on rebuilding the nation’s roads, rails and ports, a priority that members of both parties share. Yet no additional miles of highway, no new runways, no more miles of track will be built without a substantial infusion of federal money.

As Trump threatens to kill New York tunnel project, its leader responds

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao shocked lawmakers from New York and New Jersey recently when she harshly criticized the top item on their wish list: new Amtrak tunnels under the Hudson River to replace the deteriorating 107-year-old tunnels currently in use.

Budget hearings dredge up police funding conundrum (again)

Pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to figure out a better way to pay for state police. Most of the department’s annual budget comes from the commonwealth’s Motor License Fund, which is supposed to pay for roads and bridges.

Can ride-hailing companies cure medical transportation woes?

Lyft and Uber are attempting to cure a major medical problem for poor people and the elderly: Getting a ride to the doctor. The ride-hailing services are expanding their offer to take patients around the country to and from non-emergency health care appointments, and they have a huge market to target.

PennDOT road construction projects announced for region

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that 146 highway and bridge projects will begin or continue across the seven-county southwest region.



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