PHIA News Digest – Vol. 4, No. 36

September 9, 2019

Pa. Turnpike installing fiber optic system, to lease extra capacity

The turnpike is moving on its own to install a fiber-optic communication system in the eastern part of the state to meet its internal needs. But the turnpike hasn’t given up on the idea of generating revenue from the system and is designing it with extra space that it will solicit private operators to lease.

The Road Warrior’s first pretend vehicle miles traveled bill arrived. It had a small surprise.

As faithful readers may recall, I volunteered to participate in a study examining a mileage-based user fee. Several states have talked about moving away from a gas tax to this model, which bills drivers for how many miles they travel instead of how much gas they consume.

Rejoice! PennDOT officially raises Route 222 speed limit

The bypass opened in April 2004, and drivers have been grumbling about the speed limit pretty much since then. With its wide lanes, clear sight lines and a shoulder, drivers argued that the 45 mph speed limit was too low.

Paying Pa. Turnpike tolls? There will be an app for that soon

Drivers could soon pay Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls using a smartphone app. The launch of the app is expected later this year

Concrete poured for Central Susquehanna River Thruway bridge’s first deck

The first deck concrete was poured Wednesday, said Ted Deptula, an assistant construction engineer for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.


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