PHIA News Digest – Vol. 5, No. 2

January 14, 2020

Pa. House passes bill to study exempting newer vehicles from emissions testing

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives wants the state to conduct a study that will determine how old a vehicle can be to be exempted from the state’s annual emissions testing requirement and still comply with federal environmental rules.

Empower communities to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Parking protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas not only provide more safety, they have been shown to attract investment from young professionals and the kind of forward-thinking employers our cities desperately need.

Luzerne County councilmen vouching for $5 vehicle fee ordinance

A hot topic in Luzerne County is the 5-dollar vehicle registration fee that residents no longer want to pay.

Electric cars will challenge state power grids

As Washington and other states urge their residents to buy electric vehicles — a crucial component of efforts to reduce carbon emissions — they also need to make sure the electric grid can handle it.

Rep. Hennessey announces reelection bid to 26th Dist. House seat

State Rep. Tim Hennessey, R-26th Dist., has announced his candidacy to seek a 14th term in Harrisburg. Hennessey is majority chair of the House Transportation Committee.

No toll hikes on bridges across the Delaware River — for now

The Delaware River Port Authority has some good news for drivers who use its four bridges: A no-toll-hike pledge is being extended for an extra year.

Public input sought for potential region-wide transportation emissions cap-and-invest program

A draft version of a regional cap-and-invest program for the transportation sector is open for public input until the end of February. Pennsylvania is one of 13 states, plus the District of Columbia, involved in the Transportation and Climate Initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, which is facilitated by the Georgetown Climate Center.

Plans for next round of Lehigh Valley transit projects begin without Route 22 widening

The Lehigh Valley Transportation Study prepared a list of nearly $563 million of projects it intends to tackle in the next 12 years, but widening Route 22 was not on it. By voting Wednesday to send the draft plan to PennDOT’s central office, study members acknowledged they do not have the funds to widen the Lehigh Valley’s busiest and most congested highway.

New bill could ban drivers from using handheld cellphones in PA

Pennsylvania could soon join 20 other states in banning drivers from using handheld cellphones while operating a vehicle.


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