Pandemic causes projects and activities to grind to a halt

March 19, 2020

The worsening coronavirus disease pandemic has led to a number of sudden event postponements and cancellations, and many others are up in the air as we try to get a handle on combatting the spread of the virus.

The House Transportation Committee hearing on various funding measures, scheduled for Monday of this week, will be rescheduled. Part 2 of the hearing, which is scheduled for April, may not happen as planned.

Our PHIA Policy Breakfast, which had been set for Tuesday of this week, was also a casualty, as was an APC legislative update webinar. If there is any bright side, it’s that we’re getting good use out of the telecommunications upgrade APC installed in its offices last year.

Additionally, PennDOT shut down many of its operations and suspended construction projects across the Commonwealth and closed the license and registration centers. We will see in the coming days when those activities will resume. As many of us follow Governor Wolf’s two-week self-quarantine recommendations, we look forward to returning to some semblance of normal as soon as we can.

Until then, we hope everyone stays comfortable and safe.


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