PHIA News Digest – Vol. 5, No. 43

November 2, 2020

PennDOT, Pa. Turnpike Commission support automated truck platooning demonstration

Truck platooning is the linking of two or more trucks in convoy using connectivity technology and automated driving support systems. These vehicles automatically maintain a set, close distance between each other when they are connected. Two automated and connected tractor trailers traveled from Pittsburgh, through Ohio, to Michigan.

Feds sending $15.9 million to upgrade rail signals on Amtrak’s Keystone line

The federal government is sending more than $15.9 million to upgrade railroad signals between Paoli and Overbrook. The project will replace an outdated signal system on the route, also known as the Keystone East Line. The upgraded system will improve operations, enable higher operating speeds and allow the bi-directional movement of trains on tracks in the area, officials said.


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