PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 25

June 21, 2021

This Week in Pa.: APC transportation funding initiative

In part 2 of This Week in Pennsylvania, Dennis Owens interviews Robert Latham of Associated Pennsylvania Constructors. Follow the link to hear the 4½-minute segment.

Pa. Reps. Lamb, Fitzpatrick introduce bridge legislation

The Support for Community Bridges Act would set aside 2.5 percent of federal highway aid to fund repairs for off-system bridges that are structurally deficient. Any bridge or road not on the National Highway System is designated as off system.

Billions diverted away from transportation projects

Pennsylvania pays the second highest gas tax in the nation at more than 58 cents per gallon. The money generated by the tax is earmarked for the state’s highway fund to pay for transportation infrastructure construction and repair. But since the early 2000s, billions of dollars from the fund have been used to pay for State Police operations away from their intended purpose.

Pa. lawmaker proposes alternative to tolling bridges

Pennsylvania state Sen. Wayne Langerholc Jr., (R) 35th District, is the architect of a package of bills, supported by Republican colleagues, called the Drive Smart Act. Proposals in that package of bills include funding alternatives to tolling.

PennDOT warns motorists after work zone crashes

PennDOT is reminding motorists to drive safely in work zones following three separate work zone intrusions in the northwest region resulting in motorists hitting a PennDOT crash truck.

Philly schools invest in clean transportation

The district hopes to replace 4% of its bus fleet with electric buses every year. The district currently has 350 buses. Eventually they’d like to have a total of 410 vehicles, with 20% electric.


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