Optimism in the air over infrastructure bill

October 25, 2021

While there has been no movement in Washington on the bipartisan $1.3 trillion infrastructure bill, there is a growing sense among congressional leaders that negotiations on the companion “reconciliation” bill are bearing fruit, and that perhaps a consensus is near.

President Biden has already conceded that his original $3.5 trillion proposal, which embodies his public policy agenda, has shrunk as lawmakers debate what needs to remain in the bill, what should come out of it and for how long the programs should be funded in order to bring the overall cost down.

The progressive Democrats have been holding the infrastructure bill hostage, threatening to defeat it if too many social programs that they want are cut from the reconciliation measure. A reconciliation bill escapes the Senate filibuster rules and would therefore pass if it received all 50 Democratic votes, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.

For an article that sums up where things recently stand, follow this link.


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