PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 44

November 8, 2021

Infrastructure bill: Here’s what’s in it

Congress passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package Friday, approving a signature part of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda. It will deliver $550 billion of new federal investments in America’s infrastructure over five years, touching everything from bridges and roads to the nation’s broadband, water and energy systems.

Philadelphia-area transit workers ratify 2-year pact

Members of the Philadelphia area’s largest transit workers union have ratified a new two-year contract that averted a potential walkout.

Pa. governor awards $9.5 million to clean transportation

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced this week that he was awarding $9.5 million for clean transportation technologies such as hydrogen fuel, as well as to boost air quality and reduce diesel emissions.

Comments sought on PennDOT bridge project, tolling

PennDOT is hosting an on-demand virtual public meeting for the I-80 Canoe Creek Bridges Project from noon on Nov. 1 to Dec. 1. The meeting can be accessed online by visiting

Pa. Senate endorses truck weigh system bill

Progress continues to be made at the Pennsylvania statehouse to adopt a truck weigh station bypass system. A separate bill also covers truck weights.

The future of transportation in Pa. demands many solutions

Transportation is the backbone of our economy and the cornerstone of our quality of life. The movement of goods and services on our roads and highways is a necessity, just as is the ability to commute for work, to access health care, to enjoy leisure activities and to visit with family.

I-80 Canoe Creek Bridge project receives criticism

Thompson is arguing that PennDOT is trying to “steamroll” the public comment process for four bridge toll proposals along I-80, including the Canoe Creek bridges. He also alleges that PennDOT has shared few details to elected officials. Additionally, elected officials have not been given “adequate time to ask meaningful questions about their flawed proposals.”

Pa. ranked one of the worst states for winter driving

According to PennDOT, 51 fatal crashes happened in snow, sleet, slush, freezing rain or on icy roads last year.


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