PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 10

March 7, 2022

Online petition opposing toll on I-79 bridge draws thousands of signatures

The battle is continuing over PennDOT plans to toll a bridge portion of I-79 passing over Route 50 in Bridgeville. The organizer of an online petition opposing the plan says the petition is approaching a milestone.

Seaport investment is about much more than the current supply chain crisis

Seaports have aways been conduits for trade and gateways to the world. Yet most people look at modern seaports and see only a collage of multi-colored boxes. In fact, those boxes represent a massive percentage of U.S. economic activity and support millions of jobs.

PennDOT, Pa. township supervisors discuss funding for local road, bridge needs

PennDOT and the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors on Tuesday discussed the bipartisan infrastructure law, as well as local-governments’ road and bridge needs and investment options.

PennDOT expects 9 bridges to be prepared for tolling by August

It appears PennDOT’s plan to toll several bridges in Pennsylvania, including one along I-79 near Bridgeville, will come to fruition despite lawmakers’ attempts to block it.

In his final budget, Wolf drops his State Police fee

In a move that went under the radar for most Pennsylvanians, Gov. Tom Wolf has given up his call for local municipalities to pay a fee for primarily relying on State Police for protection.

Revenue Department releases February collections

In addition to the General Fund collections, the Motor License Fund received $197.0 million for the month, $24.8 million below estimate. Fiscal year-to-date collections for the fund – which include the commonly known gas and diesel taxes, as well as other license, fine and fee revenues – total $1.8 billion, which is $36.2 million, or 2%, above estimate.


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