PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 18

May 2, 2022

Corman vows to undo plans to toll bridges to fund repairs

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jake Corman pushed back on the Wolf administration’s plans to toll nine bridges across the state and called on the governor to halt the process, while also promising to undo the process if he is elected.

Officials want to make sure drivers pay for Turnpike trips

Officials with the Pennsylvania Turnpike, along with lawmakers, are working to reduce leakage on the Turnpike. The term leakage refers to transactions, or toll rides, that generate no revenue.

Worst commutes in Pennsylvania

Commuting easily ranks as one of the least enjoyable parts of a person’s day. Commuters encounter more physical health problems, and low-income commuters are less likely to gain financial stability—among a host of other negative impacts.

Fight to put a halt to tolling I-83/South Bridge gets day in court

A group of county and municipal officials objecting to the proposed tolling of the I-83/South Bridge took their case to court on Monday to try to at least get a temporary halt to that project.

Learn how Pa. plans to spend federal money on new charging corridors

Pennsylvania was already working on electric vehicle charging corridors before the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was signed, and now the public can hear the state’s plans and weigh in on them.


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