PHIA News Digest — Vol. 7, No. 25

June 20, 2022

PennDOT warns drivers to slow down during construction season

Work zones can be dangerous, not only for drivers, but especially the workers. State officials say since 1970 PennDOT has lost 90 workers in the line of duty.

Pa. plans electric charging stations for interstates

PennDOT will submit a plan to the U.S. Department of Transportation in August about how the agency will build Pennsylvania’s share of a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations. But first, PennDOT wants to hear from Pennsylvanians about how they think the agency should prioritize spending $171.5 million.

Autonomous vehicle bill advances in Pa.

One bill moving through the Pennsylvania House is touted to modernize the state’s vehicle code to allow for the driverless testing and deployment of highly autonomous vehicles.

Opponents have valid concerns on bridge-tolling plan

PennDOT’s P3 initiative is intended as an alternative funding plan to address a backlog of bridges in need of repairs and replacement. The department says Pennsylvania presently has $15 billion in infrastructure needs and a shortfall exceeding $8 billion to address them.

Pennsylvanians urged to review transit options

Officials from PennDOT and Human Services on Monday urged Pennsylvanians to use Find My Ride to learn about public transit options and apply for transportation assistance programs.

Pa. has billions to spend as budget season begins

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and state lawmakers are launching into their busiest stretch: the horse-trading and budget-making weeks of June that are vastly different this year than any other in memory, with billions of extra dollars to spread around.


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