Election results are finally clear

November 21, 2022

It took nearly two weeks from the General Election to sort out the victors from the vanquished, but we finally appear to have a clearer picture of Pennsylvania’s political landscape moving forward.

As we now know, the U.S. Senate will be controlled by Democrats, and the PA Senate will be controlled by Republicans.

The GOP assumed control of the U.S. House, but with a very thin majority. Democrats will eventually assume control of the PA House, but with an even tinier one-seat majority. What isn’t clear is when the House Dems will be at full strength, and what will happen in the meantime.

One of the 102 Democratic seats is vacant due to the death of state Rep. Tony DeLuca, who passed away a month ago. It was too late to replace him on the ballot, and he won the election. Moreover, two other PA House Democrats, Summer Lee and Austin Davis, were elected to Congress and PA lieutenant governor, respectively, and will vacate their PA House seats upon being sworn in to their new posts in January.

At this moment, the House is deadlocked at 101-101, and the departure of Lee and Davis will make it a 101-99 GOP majority until the three House seats are filled in special elections (all three districts are thought to be solidly Democratic).

The situation could result in a cascade of delays, including selection of speaker of the House, appointment of committee chairs and the composition of legislative committees.

On a transportation note: While committee chair selections and committee assignments will eventually occur, we will bid adieu to both of our current House Transportation chairs. Longtime legislator and GOP Chair Tim Hennessey lost his reelection bid after his district was redrawn, and Democratic Chair Mike Carroll announced months ago that he would not seek reelection. We wish them well in their future endeavors.


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