News of interest from budget address and committee announcements

March 13, 2023

Two events this week were of keen interest to highway builders and transportation advocates across the Commonwealth.

Governor Shapiro delivered his first budget address to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The consensus was that there are elements of the $44 billion spending plan that will appeal to a broad swath of the political spectrum. The fiscal year begins July 1, following several weeks of legislative review.

Of interest to the highway industry was the governor’s proposed funding plan, which would gradually remove the current $500 million annual State Police subsidy from the Motor License Fund, reducing it by $100 million per year for five years. This revenue would become available for improving and maintaining bridges and highways, without raising fuel taxes.

A second funding proposal also is in play. The state Senate has approved a measure that would shift $250 million immediately, then $50 million per year for five years, which also would remove the entire State Police subsidy. Enactment would require approval of the House and Governor Shapiro.

The second event of interest was the announcement of the chairs and members of the lower chamber’s Transportation Committee. Rep. Ed Neilson, a Philadelphia Democrat, and Kerry Benninghoff, a Centre County Republican, are the majority and minority chairs, respectively. A listing of the full committee membership can be viewed at this link.


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