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Transportation advocates optimistic about funding

June 28, 2024

As the July 1 state fiscal year draws near, transportation advocates remain optimistic about a comprehensive multimodal funding plan that would set the Commonwealth on a course for significant infrastructure improvements over the next several years.

Pennsylvania now has access to an infusion of federal Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act funding. Coupled with the redirection of Motor License Fund resources for transportation purposes instead of State Police subsidies, the Commonwealth is beginning to marshal resources for bridge and highway improvements.

The plan also envisions using bond financing to leverage an additional $1 billion per year for about four years. The bonds would be repaid with increasing revenue from motor vehicle sales, which grows at an average of $60 million a year. The plan would enable PennDOT to increase its construction budget from the current $3 billion per year to about $3.5 billion.

The proceeds would be distributed across various transportation modes, most notably a statewide bridge improvement program, and also increases in the multimodal program, local roads and bridge improvements, projects requiring a local match, the Dirt and Gravel Road Program and aviation.

Kudos to a Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition work group that devised the funding plan and solicited input from the various Coalition transportation partners.

In addition to the elements described above, Governor Shapiro has proposed a $283 million investment and nearly $1.5 billion in new funding over five years for public transportation in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and across the Commonwealth.

For more information, please visit APC’s advocacy page at this link.


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