Transportation Advocate of the Year

Transportation Advocate of the Year Award

To recognize individuals who have made a major contribution in support of PHIA’s mission to:  “…educate the public on the importance and value of a modern and safe highway system, adequately financed through dedicated funding sources, to provide for the economic growth of the Commonwealth and its citizens.”

Nominees must be a highway transportation advocate, working or retired, who lives in Pennsylvania.  The person may be from the public or private sector.  Membership in PHIA is not required.  Recognition on an individual may be based on his or her contributions in a given year or for outstanding service in promoting good roads and the economy over several years.

Past Recipients
Robert G. Bartlett
Hon. Thomas J. Corbett
Hon. J. Doyle Corman
Hon. Richard A. Geist
W. Guy Gunn
Hon. Samuel E. Hayes, Jr.
Henry L. Heck
Robert E. Hetherington
Robert E. Hirschman
Hon. Amos K. Hutchinson
Hon. Dr. Thomas D. Larson
Drew Lewis
Hon. Roger A. Madigan
Hon. Bradley L. Mallory
Hon. Joseph F. Markosek
Hon. Keith R. McCall
Edwin W. Parkinson
Ralph E. Peters
Hon. John C. Rafferty
Harold G. Reslink
Hon. Barry J. Schoch
Hon. Bud Shuster
Donald B. Stabler
Hon. J. Barry Stout
Richard E. Wagman        

(alphabetical order)