PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 35

August 30, 2021

The U.S. needs to fix existing roads, not build new ones

A new report finds that the wear and tear on our highway system has greater costs than were previously understood, implying a need for more transportation infrastructure investment, especially for road maintenance.

Northern section of CSVT expected to open next fall

With the new bridge over the Susquehanna River ready for paving, PennDOT says the northern section of the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation project may be open for traffic by next fall.

Pa. Dems call on Congress to pass infrastructure bill

Back when he was mayor of Steelton, a blue-collar mill town on the outskirts of Harrisburg, George Hartwick oversaw a pipe replacement project for the borough’s water system. The pipes were so old that they were made out of wood.

Penn State history lesson: The drama behind ‘new’ highway font

Although you’ve driven past thousands of highway signs in your life, you probably never stopped to think about the big, white typeface on them. It turns out some folks at Penn State actually were thinking about highway sign typefaces. In fact, they were thinking really long and really hard about these fonts.

Business leaders, lawmaker urge House to pass infrastructure plan

Leaders from the business community and a state senator are urging the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the $1 trillion infrastructure plan when it returns to session next week.



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 34

August 23, 2021

Infrastructure plans inch forward

Despite tensions within the House Democratic caucus over how to proceed with two parallel efforts on infrastructure, both legislative vehicles look set to advance next week. Our Heather Caygle and Sarah Ferris report that the House plans to come back Monday night to vote to start debate on the Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill, the party-line budget reconciliation package and a separate voting rights measure.

How much would you pay with a proposed mileage fee in PA?

It’s only an idea for now, but Pennsylvania’s proposed switch from a fuel tax to a miles-driven fee to help generate more money for transportation could be a boon for the trucking industry and a big hit in the wallet for drivers of passenger vehicles.

Associated PA Constructors breaks down federal, state funding plans

APC Executive VP Bob Latham appeared on the Terry Madonna-hosted Pennsylvania Newsmakers, discussing the federal infrastructure bill and Governor Wolf’s Transportation Revenue Option Commission recommendations.



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 33

August 18, 2021

Norfolk Southern to resume its Pa. terminal

In line with its efforts to meet strong market demand, Norfolk Southern Corporation announced plans to reopen its intermodal facility in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

Turnpike construction worker not hurt in Hempfield hit-and-run

A construction worker was not hurt after a hit-and-run on the Pennsylvania Turnpike early Thursday in Hempfield, according to state police.

Get a GARVEE to upgrade PA infrastructure

A monumental task facing our commonwealth right now is how to best reform and pay for Pennsylvania’s transportation system. The Senate Transportation Committee, under the guidance of Sen. Wayne Langerholc Jr., R-35, has been having conversations with myself and our fellow Senators, stakeholders and commonwealth residents, as well as considering how other states have handled funding their transportation projects.

Bridge toll alternative coming to Pa.

One leading Pennsylvania state lawmaker has offered a transportation funding plan as an alternative to bridge tolls. Sen. Wayne Langerholc, R-Cambria, is chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. He has announced a plan to help address the state Department of Transportation’s $8.1 billion budget deficit for infrastructure repairs.

U.S. Senate OKs $1.2T bipartisan infrastructure bill

The U.S. Senate voted 69-30 on Tuesday a sweeping bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, a milestone for one of President Joe Biden’s priorities after months of negotiation.

Pa. could get billions to fix roads and bridges, improve transit

President Joe Biden’s signature $1.2 trillion infrastructure package passed by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday will direct billions to Pennsylvania to fix structurally deficient roads and bridges, improve public transportation and reclaim abandoned mines.



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 32

August 10, 2021

Meuser: Infrastructure bill is ‘good, not great’

The Republican congressman who represents Pennsylvania’s ninth congressional district was the keynote speaker at the Greater Susquehanna Valley’s Rise and Shine Legislative Breakfast at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg on Friday morning. Meuser offered his praises and criticisms of the nearly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan.

PBA calls plan to replace state gas tax ‘short-sighted’

A commission created by Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed replacing Pennsylvania’s gas tax primarily with fees based on miles driven and increased use of tolling.

Pa. funding plan ‘dead on arrival,’ legislators say

A package of transportation revenue options proposed last week will not pass the General Assembly this year, legislators said, leaving questions about how the state will address its multibillion dollar infrastructure problem.

CEOs hope Biden-Congress deal can fix logistics issues

Every vehicle that comes off the assembly line at Volvo Construction Equipment Corp. in central Pennsylvania is a test of America’s highways, rail lines, and ports. And too often they let the company down—slowing the influx of global supplies that feed its main U.S. production facility, which builds wheel loaders, soil compactors, and other industrial vehicles.

PennDOT opens survey about drivers’ safety habits

PennDOT is seeking input on drivers’ safety habits in an annual online survey. The responses to the department’s Highway Safety Survey will help officials determine ways to make roads safer for motorists.



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 31

August 2, 2021

Transportation Revenue Options Commission report

The Transportation Revenue Options Commission submitted its final report to Gov. Tom Wolf on July 30. This strategic funding proposal aims to address the acute transportation funding challenge facing the Commonwealth now and into the future.

U.S. infrastructure crumbling as Congress debates funding

The aging 61-year-old South Bridge in central Pennsylvania is one of 12,000 in the state that needs repair. On several other bridges, CBS News discovered rust, cracks and some closed bridges waiting for fixes.

Pa. truckers object to proposal to double registration fee

The options also include a doubling of vehicle registration fees that a trucking leader said would result in interstate trucking companies registering their trucks in other states.

New report suggests best alternatives to Pa.’s gas tax

There’s still a long trail ahead for one of Pennsylvania’s most notorious funding shortfalls — roads. Love them or hate them, a new report from the Transportation Revenue Options Commission has compiled a number of funding recommendations for the state’s aging transportation network, like mileage-based fees, tolling, taxes and fees. Read more