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is Pennsylvania’s leader in educating the public on the importance of a safe and modern highway system. Our mission is to help policymakers, the media, and the public understand that economic prosperity and a good quality of life simply cannot exist without a sound highway system.

PHIA fulfills its mission through a number of communication channels, including E-motion, a bi-monthly newsletter with a circulation of approximately 1,200. The organization also actively engages in public discourse through letters to editors, editorials, columns and news releases. It also commissions public policy research and disseminates information to various groups.

PHIA was formed in 1960 when various highway-related industry groups saw the need for increased highway funding and the elimination of the peaks and valleys of the highway construction program.

PHIA truly is a “highway users” organization. Its members consist of highway construction companies, design engineering firms, highway material suppliers, freight trucking companies, AAA, local and state chambers of commerce, local government associations, tourism promotion associations and agricultural groups.