Nearly 10,000 PA jobs permanently at risk with impending bridge and highway cuts

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Cutting highway and bridge work by 25 percent and sustaining that cut in the years ahead would put as many as 9,600 Pennsylvania jobs permanently at risk and cost the state $1.25 billion in lost economic activity over a five-year period, an industry economist told the Senate Transportation Committee this week.

Dr. Alison Premo-Black, chief economist for the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), was invited to testify before the committee based on a report she authored on behalf the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors. It looked at the potential impact of a decrease in the state’s highway and bridge investment from the current $4.3 billion market to $3.8 billion in 2017.

“In this scenario, Pennsylvania contractors will demand fewer materials, equipment and supplies as the overall market opportunities decline and they have fewer projects backlogged,” Black explained.

More than half of the jobs lost would be in sectors other than highway construction, she said. According to the report, nearly 1,000 lost jobs will be in the retail sector, with another 900 related to other administrative and professional services. Nearly eight percent of the job losses could be in the manufacturing sector, and the healthcare industry could lose over 600. Read more


ARTBA provides 2012 national outlook

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New federal trust fund forecast shows little change

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Source:  ARTBA

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently released its summer forecast for the federal Highway Trust Fund showing little improvement in Highway Account revenues for the next surface transportation bill—$204.2 billion for FY 2012-17 compared to $201.6 billion in March. Projected Transit Account revenues for the six-year period were revised down $0.7 billion to $30.2 billion. The Highway Account projections include an increase in revenues from the expected growth in the sale of heavy truck equipment which is nearly offset by a decline in motor fuel tax revenues—a result of CBO’s projection of lower economic growth. Both accounts draw revenues from motor fuel sales, but the Mass Transit Account does not benefit from truck tax revenues resulting in the projected decline.

The forecast does not significantly change the outlook for the Highway Trust Fund balances, with the Highway Account balance still projected to hit zero in late 2012 or early 2013, followed by the Mass Transit Account later in 2013.


Survey Finds Support for Gas Tax Increases

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Source:  ARTBA (reprinted with permission, Washington Newsline, May 9, 2011)

A Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University study released May 5 found 62 percent of respondents supported a 10- cent per gallon federal gas tax increase specifically dedicated to improving road maintenance.  Backing for a 10-cent increase dropped to below 50 percent when revenues were dedicated to transportation projects to reduce local air pollution and global warming.  The study also evaluated other infrastructure revenue generating alternatives: 45 percent or respondents approved of a 0.5 cent sales tax increase; a mileage tax adjusted by vehicle pollution levels received 36 percent; and a flat mileage tax of 1 cent per mile was supported by 22 percent. Interestingly, a generic gas tax increase of 10 cents per gallon without specific goals received only 24 percent backing. This data suggests that respondents were willing to invest so long as there are clear and identifiable infrastructure benefits.

The Mineta findings contrast with a February 2011 survey from the Rockefeller Foundation where 71 percent of respondents said “it would be unacceptable to increase the federal gas tax.” The disparity amongst these survey results, and others, reinforces the varying degrees of public understanding on transportation finance and the importance of how opinion surveys are crafted.  To view the study, click here.


Adequate transportation program would add 50,000 jobs in PA

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An adequately funded transportation program would add more than 50,000 jobs to the Pennsylvania economy, lowering the state’s unemployment by nearly 10 percent, according to an economic study commissioned by Associated Pennsylvania Constructors.
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