PennDOT November Lettings: $106 million

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NEW_PENNDOTThe Pennsylvania State Department of Transportation (PennDOT) conducted a small letting in November with $105.9 million in projects during the month.  This brings the year-to-date total to $1.571 billion.  However, PennDOT is on pace to hit its initial 2013 letting program forecast which was $1.7 billion with another month to go.  To put in perspective, PennDOT finished the 2012 calendar year with $1.973 billion. Click HERE to view a chart of the PennDOT letting history since 1994.

The news, however, is positive with the PA General Assembly’s enactment of a comprehensive transportation funding bill now set to become law.  At the recent APC/PennDOT Fall Seminar, Deputy Secretary Scott Christie announced the Department’s 2014 letting target at a minimum of $1.5 billion.  Christie said that because the bill passed less than 24 hours before his presentation, the Department would be evaluating to what level they will increase the lettings in 2014.  It is expected that the 2014 lettings will hit close to $2 billion.  To view Dep. Sec. Christie’s presentation, click HERE.

To view the full November letting report and year comparisons, click the link below.

*November Letting Report (PDF)

*The report lists the total contracts awarded at each letting date, a comparison to the same period in the previous calendar year, and letting adjustments made since the previous month. PHIA staff will track PennDOT lettings throughout the year and provide monthly updates.



Four caucus leaders own success or failure of transportation bill

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The General Assembly is in the second week of a two-week General Election recess, and as you probably know, negotiations on a transportation funding measure are continuing. Legislative leaders said they would take up the measure after they return the week of Nov. 11.

The construction industry and the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition are optimistic that an agreement will be reached, given the positive comments of leaders of the four legislative caucuses last week.

At the top of the list among issues that remain to be resolved is prevailing wage reform. The question is whether a reform measure would attract enough Republican votes to carry the funding measure in the House, then through concurrence with the Senate, or whether such a condition would lose most or all Democratic support.

Phasing out Act 44, which diverts Turnpike revenue to non-Turnpike transportation projects, and increasing license and registration fees also remain part of the discussion. Read more


House Transportation Committee Chairman Dick Hess Dies

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Hess us flag portPHIA is sad to report the passing of state Rep. Dick Hess, longtime transportation construction industry advocate who, in his 14th term, had arisen to majority chair of the House Transportation Committee. Hess represented the 78th district which includes much of Bedford and Fulton counties.  Recent reports said Dick, 74, a Republican, had incurred complications following recent surgery. He is survived by his wife, Shirley, and his son Jeff.  PHIA expresses its deepest condolences to his family and salute his many accomplishments during an exemplary public service career.  He will be sorely missed.

“I have personally known Rep. Hess for over 15 years,” said PHIA managing director Jason Wagner.  “He was a faithful public servant and was not only a strong advocate for the transportation industry, he was a devoted husband and father.  I was honored to have known him and call him my friend.  He will be sorely missed and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania truly lost a special person today.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this time.”

PHIA will pass along more details regarding arrangements as they become available.



Nearly 10,000 PA jobs permanently at risk with impending bridge and highway cuts

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Cutting highway and bridge work by 25 percent and sustaining that cut in the years ahead would put as many as 9,600 Pennsylvania jobs permanently at risk and cost the state $1.25 billion in lost economic activity over a five-year period, an industry economist told the Senate Transportation Committee this week.

Dr. Alison Premo-Black, chief economist for the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), was invited to testify before the committee based on a report she authored on behalf the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors. It looked at the potential impact of a decrease in the state’s highway and bridge investment from the current $4.3 billion market to $3.8 billion in 2017.

“In this scenario, Pennsylvania contractors will demand fewer materials, equipment and supplies as the overall market opportunities decline and they have fewer projects backlogged,” Black explained.

More than half of the jobs lost would be in sectors other than highway construction, she said. According to the report, nearly 1,000 lost jobs will be in the retail sector, with another 900 related to other administrative and professional services. Nearly eight percent of the job losses could be in the manufacturing sector, and the healthcare industry could lose over 600. Read more


Senate Committee Approves Comprehensive Transportation Funding Package

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20121116-163529.jpgBy a 13-1 vote, the Senate Transportation Committee approved Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Chairman John Rafferty (R-Chester/Montgomery), which would provide an additional $2.5 billion annually to the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure.

The committee’s action is a first step toward enacting a comprehensive funding bill. Final action is expected before the summer recess, on or about June 30. Senate Bill 1 closely mirrors the recommendations of the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC) and embodies the principles of a multi-modal, comprehensive funding package as endorsed by the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition (KTFC).

Senate Bill 1 would be the first major funding enhancement in almost 16 years. The industry will be working diligently with the KTFC, the General Assembly, and the Administration as the legislation develops into a final package. Read more


Sen. Rafferty Introduces Senate Bill 1

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Funding initiative gears up

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20121116-163529.jpgMany E-Motion readers are aware that transportation funding legislation is expected to be introduced in the General Assembly in the coming weeks. The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition, headed by George Wolff, is leading the legislative and public outreach efforts.

The Coalition is a broad-based group of organizations united behind a comprehensive, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its members include representatives from business, organized labor, agriculture, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, travel and tourism, local governments, AARP, health care, air and sea ports, freight and passenger rail, environmentalists, land-use advocates and trucking. Several PHIA members are active in the Coalition. Read more


Gov. Corbett Unveils Transportation Funding Plan

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BreakingNewsGov. Tom Corbett unveiled his anticipated transportation funding plan today as part of his 2013 budget proposal.  Corbett unveiled the key elements of the plan during his annual remarks to the General Assembly.

The plan would add an additional $1.8 billion in revenue over the next five years to significantly aid the Commonwealth’s transportation systems.  To view the key elements of the plan, click here.



Dick Hess named as GOP chair for House Transportation

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Rep. Dick Hess

State Rep. Dick Hess (R-Bedford) was named today to succeed Rick Geist as Republican chairman of the House Transportation Committee, while Rep. Michael McGeehan of Philadelphia was reappointed Democratic chair.

Hess, a longtime Transportation Committee member, will take the assignment as legislative leaders and Governor Corbett prepare to address Pennsylvania’s transportation funding problem at the beginning of the new legislative session next year.

“Representative Hess’ experience with and understanding of transportation issues will be a great help in navigating funding legislation through the House,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner.  “And with Representative McGeehan as the other chair, PHIA members and transportation advocates in general should be very pleased with the prospects of achieving the important public policy goals that pertain to transportation.”

Hess is in his 13th term, serving residents of the 78th Legislative District, which includes all of Fulton County as well as parts of Huntingdon and Bedford counties.  He moves from chairing the House Commerce Committee in the recently completed 2011-12 legislative session.  Additional biographical information is available at

As Democratic chair, McGeehan has been vocal in his support for a solution to the state’s transportation funding gap, calculated at $3.5 billion per year by the Pennsylvania Transportation Advisory Committee in 2010.  The funding initiative is expected to begin in the Senate shortly after Governor Corbett presents his plan.




PA Senate Majority Leader Outlines 2013 Agenda

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This video comes compliments of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce who recently asked Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi what the 2013 legislative agenda will look like.  Hear what he had to say.  (transportation specific comments at 2 min, 22 seconds)