Electric vehicle update

They may not be getting lots of attention, but electric vehicles are gearing up to take a significant bite out of market share in the years ahead. PennDOT reports that there are now more than 31,000 EVs registered in Pennsylvania,… [read more]

Electric vehicle update Electric vehicle update

APC calls for further reduction in bridge and highway fund diversions

Associated Pennsylvania Constructors is reviving an initiative to further reduce the diversions from the Motor License Fund, the constitutionally protected repository for fuel taxes and license and registration fees that fund… [read more]

APC calls for further reduction in bridge and highway fund diversions APC calls for further reduction in bridge and highway fund diversions

Court halts major bridge initiative; PennDOT appeals

A Commonwealth Court judge issued an injunction last week that temporarily blocks PennDOT from proceeding with plans to restore or replace nine major bridges and pay for the initiative by tolling the bridges. Judge Ellen Ceisler… [read more]

Court halts major bridge initiative; PennDOT appeals Court halts major bridge initiative; PennDOT appeals

Plans for electric vehicle charging in PA

Even before the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was signed, Pennsylvania was already identifying electric vehicle charging corridors. The law provides for $7.5 billion to expand the EV charging network across the country. Pennsylvania’s… [read more]

Plans for electric vehicle charging in PA Plans for electric vehicle charging in PA

The industry’s transportation funding needs explained

Governor Wolf’s proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, unveiled last week, contained a bit of good news regarding transportation funding. Rather than gradually reducing the annual amounts of revenue diverted from… [read more]

The industry’s transportation funding needs explained The industry’s transportation funding needs explained



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 40

October 3, 2022 -- Leave a Comment

New Fern Hollow Bridge on track to reopen this year

The new Fern Hollow Bridge remains on track to reopen by the end of 2022, according to leaders with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Letter to the editor: Solving turnpike debt problems

The editorial “Turnpike debt problems must be Harrisburg priority” (Sept. 12, TribLIVE) was spot on: We need a solution to the state’s longstanding transportation-funding shortfall.

Study: Pa. has some of the least-most aggressive driving

Thousands of drivers use the Pennsylvania Turnpike every day, and you would think that means a lot of road rage, however, a study shows that you’ll actually encounter almost none compared to other states.

Turnpike, Drivewyze and INRIX to offer slowdown alerts to truck drivers

Drivewyze, the leader in connected truck services and operator of the largest public-private weigh station bypass network in North America, has announced real-time, in-cab traffic alerts in partnership with INRIX, a leader in transportation analytics and connected vehicle services, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.



How do PA drivers rank in confrontational behavior?

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We can’t vouch for the soundness of its methodology or the reliability of its data, but we pass along the following, for what it’s worth: In a nationwide online survey of 5,000 U.S. drivers, Pennsylvania’s ranking of the most confrontational drivers came in at – drumroll, please – 49th.

In other words, except for good old North Dakota, Pennsylvania drivers are the second-most docile in the country, according to the study. Topping the list as the most confrontational were Utah (this surprises us), Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

The survey was conducted by the Forbes Advisor, which describes itself as a provider of educational content and is affiliated with the Forbes business magazine.

Each state was scored on a list of 10 confrontational behaviors, which include ramming another vehicle on purpose, following another car and exiting the car to confront the other driver, forcing another car off the road, and threatening another driver with a gun.

To view the complete rankings and the rest of the confrontational behaviors, follow this link.



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 39

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PennDOT’s I-83 expansion takes more than 200 properties. Where does the project stand?

A decades-long planned expansion of I-83 in Harrisburg is aimed at reducing congestion and repairing a crumbling elevated highway. But it will come at a human cost: Hundreds of residents and business owners will lose their properties and the resulting closures will tear at the already frayed fabric of a fragmented community.

Bill would require drivers to pay outstanding tolls before registering vehicles

State Sen. Marty Flynn says he’ll introduce legislation requiring drivers to pay any outstanding tolls before registering their vehicle. A recent audit found more than $100 million in unpaid tolls.

PennDOT pushes Real IDs ahead of May 3, 2023, deadline

PennDOT wants to remind people that they have only a few more months to get their Real ID-compliant driver’s license or identification card. The deadline to get a Real ID in Pennsylvania is May 3, 2023.

Pa. House calls for study of PennDOT

A measure moving through the Pennsylvania House calls for a study of PennDOT. The House Transportation Committee voted unanimously Monday to advance a resolution to compare PennDOT with other state DOTs.

Data show roundabouts reduce fatalities, injuries

PennDOT announced that, according to department data, fatalities, injuries and crashes decreased overall after intersections at 33 locations were replaced with roundabouts.




PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 38

September 19, 2022 -- Comments Off on PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 38

PennDOT gives options for U.S. 322 corridor in State College

PennDOT has identified the three routes it believes should move forward for further study as part of a major highway project in rural Centre County.

PennDOT resumes reviews for bridge replacement projects

PennDOT announced it has resumed planning work and federal environmental reviews for six bridge replacement projects proposed as part of the Major Bridge Public-Private Partnership.

Wolf announces $25.4 million for EV infrastructure

Gov. Tom Wolf announced that the Biden administration has awarded Pennsylvania $25.4 million to invest in clean transportation through the state’s plan for electric vehicle infrastructure deployment. Pennsylvania is one of the first states in the nation to be approved for this first round of funding under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Changes proposed for specialty Pa. license plates

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) would generate money for the Motor License Fund by giving residents the option to purchase specialty license plates. The House passed the bill 118-83 largely along party lines with a handful of representatives crossing over both sides.

PennDOT phasing in new driver’s license design

PennDOT is phasing in newly-designed driver’s licenses with enhanced security features.

PennDOT accepting Transportation Improvement Project applications

PennDOT announced that applications will be accepted through Nov. 14 to fund transportation improvement projects under the Multimodal Transportation Fund.



PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 37

September 12, 2022 -- Comments Off on PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 37

Pa. Turnpike explores electrified road services

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is jumping into solar energy production to power its maintenance and office buildings with a long-term goal: using solar-generated power to electrify portions of the toll road so electric vehicles can charge as they travel.

DEP announces bigger rebates for electric vehicles

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced it’s offering bigger consumer rebates for electric vehicles, with a focus on working-class households, and providing $3.4 million in Pennsylvania Volkswagen settlement funds for installation of 54 DC fast chargers in 16 locations in major traffic corridors.

Auditor general releases audit of Turnpike Commission

Auditor General Timothy L. DeFoor released a performance audit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which found it continues to face significant challenges to meet its financial obligations putting the burden on travelers.

Pgh. Regional Transit pledges to eliminate tailpipe emissions by 2045

Allegheny County’s public transportation agency, Pittsburgh Regional Transit, announced Wednesday that it will completely replace its diesel fleet with greener buses by 2045. It plans to ramp up its investment in zero-tailpipe emissions buses in the next three years, with the goal of purchasing only the cleaner buses after 2032.