New Poll Shows Public Support for Infrastructure Investment

February 12, 2009

A public opinion poll commissioned by Building America’s Future shows that 81 percent of Americans are willing to increase their tax payments by 1 percent in order to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

The group, co-chaired by Governors Rendell and Schwarzenegger and New York City Mayor Bloomberg, said 94 percent of Americans are concerned about the nation’s infrastructure. Roads and highways were viewed as the No. 2 priority, behind “energy facilities.”

The data verify the results of a survey commissioned by the Transportation Construction Industries coalition last spring, which showed that 56 percent of Pennsylvania voters were willing to pay at least an additional $8 per month to solve the state’s highway funding crisis. PHIA reported these results to you in the March 24, 2008 edition of E-motion

Jason Wagner, PHIA managing director, noted that although the questions were very different, they both point to similar conclusions.

“There is growing evidence that people are aware of the importance of infrastructure, that they’re worried about its condition and – most important – they’re willing to make a reasonable investment to fix it,” Wagner said. “That bodes well for a solution to the funding dilemma as elected leaders see that people will be supportive.”

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