AAA Advocates Adequate Infrastructure Funding

September 10, 2009

We’d be hard-pressed to name anyone who knows highway users better than our friends at AAA, and now this 51-million-member organization is stepping up its advocacy for adequate highway funding.

AAA’s president and CEO, Robert Darbelnet, has meet with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and also testified this summer before that U.S. House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures to urge Congress to authorize increased spending on America’s roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure. 

Darbelnet said increased funding is necessary to address safety concerns as well as congestion, which limits personal mobility and the fluid movement of goods.  He said motorists will be willing to pay their fair share of the required investments.

“AAA understands the importance of a safe and efficient transportation system to our nation’s economic competiveness, safety and quality of life,” Darbelnet told the subcommittee.  “Unfortunately, after decades of neglect and under-investment, our transportation system falls well short of meeting our needs.  Investing in transportation shouldn’t be considered a luxury.”

“Pennsylvania’s transportation needs continue to grow while available revenues are declining,” said PA AAA Federation Executive Director Ted Leonard.  “If we expect to compete and grow in a world economy, we must maintain our world class transportation system.”

AAA has developed a long-term vision and recommendations for the transportation system of the future, called “Making America Stronger.”  For more information, visit

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