State legislator outlines comprehensive package to fund transportation

April 9, 2010

Republican House Transportation Chairman Rick Geist has proposed a comprehensive plan to address Pennsylvania’s transportation funding crisis, following rejection of the Interstate 80 tolling proposal by the Federal Highway Administration. 

Among his initiatives are increasing the state’s gasoline tax, providing for public-private partnerships and increasing local options for raising revenue.  

“As the Pennsylvania Economy League study concluded in 2006, a comprehensive solution will require inflation-sensitive and dedicated funding, prudent use of debt, regional funding options and public-private partnerships,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner.  “Representative Geist’s proposal includes all of those elements.” 

Although the revenue lost upon rejection of the I-80 tolling plan was less than $500 million per year, bringing the state’s highway system up to an acceptable standard would require closer to an additional $2 billion per year. 

“Currently, Pennsylvania’s highway system carries far more traffic than it was designed to carry, and that situation will continue to worsen,” Wagner said.  “In order to accommodate economic growth, the transportation system must not only be in good condition, but must be expanded to allow for the efficient flow of traffic.” 

To view the specifics of Geist’s proposal click here.

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