Now is the time to address funding issue, PHIA president says

June 11, 2010

Several factors make it imperative that the transportation funding problem be addressed sooner, rather than later, PHIA President Barry Schoch told the joint House Transportation and Policy Committee.

First is the cumulative impact of underfunding bridges and highways for the last 30 years by failing to adjust user fees to accommodate inflation.

Second, tighter federal fuel efficiency standards will erode Pennsylvania’s share of federal gasoline tax revenue by $470 million in the next 10 years, and continuing to fund the State Policy from the Motor License Fund will take another $370 million away during that same period.

Third, we owe it to the next generation to address the needs in a timely manner rather than to burden our children and grandchildren with an even bigger problem.

Finally, the cost of inaction is immense in terms of lost economic opportunity, while addressing the problem now will result in an immediate boost to economic recovery as well as long term benefits.

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