Lettings Expected to Remain Strong in 2015

November 24, 2014

NEW_PENNDOTAt the annual meeting of the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors (APC), PennDOT presented a recap of the 2014 highway construction program and made a projections for 2015. With a little over a month to go, PennDOT is expected to let approximately $2.6 billion in highway projects. The department has already eclipsed $2.4 billion as of Nov. 24. PennDOT anticipates maintaining its strong project output as a result of Act 89. They foreceasted 2015’s lettings to total at least $2.4 billion. The number could be pushed higher with project put out for bid via the Commonwealth’s Public-Private Partnership Law. While these numbers are projections, PennDOT has routinely met or exceeding these number in past year. To view the full 2015 construction forecast click HERE.


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