PHIA News Digest – Vol. 2

December 3, 2014

PennDOT to private companies: We want you to build CNG stations
The state Department of Transportation wants to spur the building of compressed-natural-gas stations and is using the state’s Public-Private Transportation Partnership Office to find a private company to build them.

Lehigh, Northampton counties to get $5.5M in transportation funds
Lehigh and Northampton Counties will receive nearly $5.5 million in Multimodal Transportation Funds from Act 89, the state’s transportation plan and $965,000 in Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) federal funds as announced Monday morning at a meeting of the Lehigh Valley Transportation Study’s technical committee.

Pennsylvania Turnpike project to get foreign cash
Agents for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission have begun signing up Chinese investors who are promised permanent residency under a U.S. law in exchange for loaning money to help finance a major project to connect between the turnpike and Interstate 95 in suburban Philadelphia.

America’s healthy freight rail system is vital to the economy
In order to move record amounts of U.S. goods and products, U.S. rail companies have been investing hundreds of billions of dollars — $525 billion since 1980 and $26 billion in 2014 alone — to maintain and upgrade the nationwide rail network. That’s all private investment in infrastructure for the public good — and not a nickel of taxpayer investment.

STS may be part of state fueling project

The state’s Public-Private Transportation Partnership Office invites the private sector to submit qualifications to develop clean burning compressed natural gas fueling stations at public transit agencies throughout Pennsylvania.

Highway funding fix should be Congress’ top 2015 priority: Nick Ivanoff and Robert Latham

As we close the door on the 2014 General Election, it was encouraging to hear both President Obama and congressional leaders express a willingness to seek common ground on issues that present the greatest opportunity for bipartisan cooperation.


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