PHIA News Digest – Vol. 12

February 23, 2015

PHIA_LOGOPennDOT waives limits on haulers of heating oil, propane
PennDOT said Tuesday it temporarily waived federal restrictions on how much time commercial drivers hauling heating oil and propane gas can be on the road without a break.

Pa. Senate committee OKs Transit Revitalization Act amendments
The proposed legislation intends to streamline the TRID process, simplify complicated areas of the current legislation and create an incentive for increased privatized development. It also establishes a funding mechanism to reinvest tax money to improve a transportation district.

5 things to know about a new report on Pennsylvania’s roads, bridges and transportation system
The 2015 Transportation Performance Report was released Thursday and demonstrates using a color-coded rating system what areas of transportation are improving, holding steady and declining. The report, developed by a 15-person commission, reviewed issues with safety, mobility, preservation, accountability and funding.

Funding was much-needed
Act 89, Pennsylvania’s transportation bill that was signed into law in 2013 by Gov. Tom Corbett, may have addressed what is a nationwide problem.

Pennsylvania Flush With Cash For Transportation Projects
While other states struggle to pay the upkeep on their highway systems, Pennsylvania is implementing a multifaceted, multibillion-dollar blueprint designed to accelerate road and bridge projects, improve mass transit systems and increase subsidies to local governments.

Amtrak could shorten its 5-hour Harrisburg-Pittsburgh route, but is it worth $38.3 billion?
It is feasible for Amtrak to reduce travel time and increase the frequency of trips on Keystone West, their route from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh, according to a recent study.

But shortening the trek between the Capital City and the City of Bridges would be costly, with the low-end estimate at $1.5 billion and the high-end at $38.3 billion. And that would only shave five minutes at least and half an hour at the most off the entire train ride.



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