Transportation officials are asking for public input in long-range plan update

April 1, 2015

NEW_PENNDOTSetting Pennsylvania’s transportation priorities is a locally-driven exercise. It relies on the input of regional transportation planners and elected officials, who rely on input from community leaders and residents.

Most recently, PennDOT has taken advantage of technology and has encouraged members of the public to offer their views directly to the State Transportation Commission from the comfort and convenience of the home or office. Those agencies are keepers of the Twelve Year Transportation Program, which is updated every two years. It’s now time for that update.

The commission, PennDOT and the 24 regional planning partners will hold a live webcast on April 16 from 7 to 8 p.m. Acting PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards, who chairs the commission, will present an update on transportation issues, and she and other PennDOT staff will answer questions submitted in advance and during the online meeting.

Participants must register at Questions can be submitted in advance by emailing them to or during the meeting by using the online webcast tool.

PennDOT then invites the public to take a survey, either online beginning April 16, or by calling 717-787-2913 to receive a printed copy. The comment period will close May 29.

The long-range transportation planning process is one of the most important public policy initiatives the Commonwealth manages. We would be remiss not to mention the huge boost provided to this process by Act 89, the transportation funding measure, and that makes it all the more important to voice your view on transportation projects that will improve safety, relieve congestion and raise the quality of life for residents of your community.

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