PennDOT launches project website

August 25, 2015


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation this week launched a website highlighting information about active and upcoming construction projects through 2026.

The website ( includes explanatory schematics of past, present and future construction projects funded by Act 89, as well as projects that fall under the Four- and Twelve-Year Plans. Projects are searchable by county, PennDOT district and statewide.

Beyond highway construction projects, the website’s Act 89 section details bridge and public transportation projects as well. Act 89, approved in 2013, provides funding for all modes of transportation, including improvements to 5,000 state-owned miles of roads and 600 bridges.

“This website is an excellent resource for highway and public transportation users across Pennsylvania,” PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner said. “It provides up-to-date information about our many road improvements, and shows users the improvements to come. Coupled with PA 511 and its app, PennDOT is making a wealth of information more accessible to transportation system users.”


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