Pennsylvania Records Second Lowest Year of Traffic Deaths in 2015

April 20, 2016

Grunge state of Pennsylvania flag mapPennsylvania saw 1,200 traffic fatalities on its roads in 2015, the second lowest rate of any year since 1928.  The lowest rate of traffic fatalities was set in 2014, with 1,195 on Pennsylvanian roads and highways.

PennDOT maintains statistics on the types of crashes, and 2015 also saw significant decreases in traffic fatalities involving older drivers, aggressive drives and accidents at intersections. Unfortunately, there were increases in other types of accidents, including single-vehicles running off the road, and fixed object crashes.

Overall, the two-year streak of low traffic fatalities comes after PennDOT invested nearly $50 million for safety improvements in the last five years. These efforts have taken shape in the form of rumble strips, improved signage, pavement markings and updated road delineators.

“Another year of low traffic fatalities shows one of the many successes of Act 89,” PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner said. “Many of these safety improvements were long overdue, and we are glad to see them working.”

A custom search tool accessible at will include 2015 data in the next few weeks. The data can be filtered by time-frame, county or municipality, and by various crash characteristics. Additional statistics also are available there, including crash, fatality and major injury statistics as well as access to annual crash facts publications.

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