PHIA News Digest – Vol. 74

May 12, 2016

PDSITELOGO2Pennsylvania to add 70 mph speed limit to nearly 800 miles

Motorists will get to go faster, up to 70 mph, on nearly 1,000 miles of Pennsylvania highway once transportation crews complete work they began this week posting signs with the new speed limit.

State transportation officials said Monday the 70 mph signs will be posted on 396 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and 400 miles of five state highways. That’s in addition to about 200 miles where the speed limit rose to 70 in 2014.

$4.9 billion in regional transportation projects proposed

The draft Transportation Improvement Program for 2017-20 contains a $200 million increase for the 10-county area over the current plan. It continues the high level of transportation spending that began with Pennsylvania’s passage in fall 2013 of Act 89, a transportation funding bill that generates $1.1 billion more a year by eliminating the cap on the tax paid by gasoline wholesalers, plus increases in driver fees and fines.

Pennsylvania Plans On Dumping Auto Registration Stickers

Beginning on January 1, Pennsylvania motorists will no longer need to place registration stickers on their license plates. The move was intended to give a significant boost to the automated license plate reader (ALPR or ANPR) industry, but it has also kicked off a debate in the General Assembly over whether these stickers are simply a means of generating $29 million in annual citation revenue.


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